WoW XML attributes that can be applied to the major XML elements. This describes common XML attributes for WoW XML Ui elements, and should not be confused with the actual WoW XML type of Attribute or Attributes .

Summary[edit | edit source]

For XML, attributes are 'inline properties' of an 'element' which can only have one value, like so: <element attribute="value"/>, but could also be written as an element like so: <element><attribute>value</attribute></element>. Consequently, attributes can not contain 'child elements' like complex properties do: <element><element attribute="value"/></element>. An element's is defined by both the attributes, and by the 'child elements' of that element which both can be called 'properties'.

Reference[edit | edit source]

The intent for this reference is document in one place the common attributes that make up the definitions of a major XML Ui elements, like 'virtual' or 'name'. This page is broken down into one major section for the attributes that share common definitions among major XML elements.

Key for attribute types (see XML types):

  • string - String, just some text
  • int - Integer, number (0,1,2,3,4,5...)
  • float - Single, number with point (0.3 or 1.65 etc)
  • boolean - or 'bool' is same as 'xs:boolean', is one of 'true' or 'false' to indicate enable or disable, or on or off, etc...
  • enum - List, an enumeration, or one of a set of predefined values
  • [Element] - Element Type, name of element

alpha[edit | edit source]

(float) - Elements can be transparent and this property used to define it.

  • 0 - full transparent
  • 1 - solid (default)

alphaMode[edit | edit source]

(ALPHAMODE) - Defines a way transparency applied:

  • DISABLE - no transparency.
  • BLEND - while background fades element gets stronger (default)
  • ADD - background and element colors added resulting in too bright colors
  • APLHAKEY - transparency depends on alpha channel of textures
  • MOD - Not tested

autoFocus[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Automatically place the cursor bar inside a text box and receive all of the keyboard's attention. Default is 'true'.

blinkSpeed[edit | edit source]

(float) - Default is '0.5'.

bytes[edit | edit source]

(int) -

checked[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - If set to true - CheckButton is checked when loaded. Default is 'false'.

clampedToScreen[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Prohibits element to go out of screen. Way applied unknown, probably just moved.

countInvisibleLetters[edit | edit source]

(boolean) -

defaultvalue[edit | edit source]

displayduration[edit | edit source]

drawlayer[edit | edit source]

enableKeyboard[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Tell the frame to receive keyboard input.

enableMouse[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Tell the frame to receive mouse input.

edgeFile[edit | edit source]

(string) - refers to a texture used by element as the edge of a background, path is relative to scheme path: if addon is in "MyAddon" folder file specified "myfile.lua" will be searched in this folder (i guess only, needs testing). "\\Interface\\Wherever" seems to be the same as "Interface\\Wherever" ("C:\\{{WoW}}\\Interface\\Whereever").

file[edit | edit source]

(string) - refers to a file used by element, path is relative to scheme path: if addon is in "MyAddon" folder file specified "myfile.lua" will be searched in this folder (i guess only, needs testing). "\\Interface\\Wherever" seems to be the same as "Interface\\Wherever" ("C:\\{{WoW}}\\Interface\\Whereever").

font[edit | edit source]

(string) -

frameStrata[edit | edit source]

height[edit | edit source]

(int) - height in normalized units, relative to 1024x768 screen size. Used for Font and others.

hidden[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - If true element is skipped in drawing resulting it not appearing on screen (interactions also skipped). Default is 'false'.

historyLines[edit | edit source]

(int) -

id[edit | edit source]

(int) - Number of element. Used for same looking element to make difference between them (much easier than by names)

ignoreArrows[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Text fields will ignore directional arrows and move the character instead. (Holding <Alt> temporarily sets this to true). Default is 'false'.

inherit[edit | edit source]

(SCRIPTINHERITTYPE) - chooses the order that inherited scripts will be run, if any, relative to this script. Used by XML/Script handlers.

inherits[edit | edit source]

(string) - the name of template to use as a base type for this element. Inherited elements, called templates, are normally marked with 'virtual="true"'. Some element types can inherit other types, such as FontString inheriting from Font. Generally matching properties of the inherited type are used as though they are properties of the inheriting element. The names are not case sensitive, such that inherits="BobBB" will still inherit from an element named name="BobBb" virtual="true".

The 'inherits' attribute supports multiple-inheritance, where more than one element can be used as a base. Names are separated by with commas, and names farther to the right take precedence over the preceding ones, like '<Button inherits="OneTemplate,TwoTemplate">'. Properties will be used first from "OneTemplate" and then 'TwoTemplate', but if 'TwoTemplate' has a matching property with 'OneTemplate', then 'TwoTemplate' will override 'OneTemplate'. Some types have special rules for exactly how properties and child elements get inherited.

insertmode[edit | edit source]

Tells a MessageFrame where to put new content. Accepts "TOP" or "BOTTOM". Default "TOP"

intrinsic[edit | edit source]

(boolean) Marks a frame as an intrinsic type. Used on XML/Frame. Default is 'false'.

intrinsicOrder[edit | edit source]

(SCRIPTINTRINSICORDERTYPE) - chooses the order that a script in an intrinsic frame, will be run relative to any implementation scripts. Used by XML/Script handlers.

justifyH[edit | edit source]

Align text "LEFT", "RIGHT", or "CENTER".

justifyV[edit | edit source]

Align text "TOP", "BOTTOM", or "MIDDLE".

letters[edit | edit source]

Defines the maximum characters to allow in a text box.

multiLine[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Tells a text box to span multiple lines (<Enter> inserts a line break).

maxLines[edit | edit source]

Defines the maximum number of lines to allow in a text box.

maxvalue[edit | edit source]

(float) - Defines the highest numeric value a widget will accept.

minimaparrowmodel[edit | edit source]

minimapplayermodel[edit | edit source]

minvalue[edit | edit source]

(float) - Defines the lowest numeric value a widget will accept.

monochrome[edit | edit source]

movable[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - (De)Activates the methods, :StartMoving() and :StopMovingOrSizing(). Default is 'false'.

name[edit | edit source]

(string) - This string represents name of an element for scripting. Frames defined via XML must be named if they are to be accessed by scripts, but for showing up in interface unnamed are ok. Names are case sensitive - means "MyElement" not same as "myelement". See: LayoutFrame

nonspacewrap[edit | edit source]

Don't wrap text when it gets to the end of the parent frame.

numeric[edit | edit source]

Tells the text box to accept only numeric values.

orientation[edit | edit source]

outline[edit | edit source]

parentArray[edit | edit source]

Array name in the parent frame to add this LayoutFrame. in LayoutFrame.

parentKey[edit | edit source]

Name of Lua object reference to set in the parent, to this elements Lua object at runtime. in LayoutFrame, AnimationGroup, Animation.

password[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Determines if text should be viewed using hidden 'password' format.

parent[edit | edit source]

(Element) - You can define another parent for an element. To make button around minimap you can move it inside minimap frame that way. I'm not sure do element really removed from this one, or it just defines drawing order. If skipped then parent is container of element

protected[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - Can be defined only in blizzard interface files (At least no one checked yet). If set to true some special api functions can be used. Any element inherited from protected ones can use this functions too. Protected functions/actions cannot be circumvented with this attribute.

registerForClicks[edit | edit source]

(string) - registers a button to receive click events through the OnClick event handler, set using a comma separated list of click event types, like 'RightButtonUp'. Example: 'registerForClicks="LeftButtonUp,RightButtonUp"'. Default is 'LeftButtonUp' only. Implemented on Button. See also RegisterForClicks for Lua UI Object version.

relativeKey[edit | edit source]

Name of an 'parentKey' or other object reference to make this element relative to. in Anchor

relativeTo[edit | edit source]

Name of an element to make this element relative to. in Anchor

resizable[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - If true element can be resized. Default is 'false'.

reverse[edit | edit source]

Reverses the sorting order of the elements.

scale[edit | edit source]

(float) - Sets the scale. Default is the parent's scale. Accepts values greater than and not equal to 0.

setAllPoints[edit | edit source]


<Frame name="MyFrameTemplate" hidden="true" virtual="true"/>
<Frame name="MyFrame" inherts="MyFrameTemplate">
  <Size x="400" y="400"/>
        <FontString parentKey="Name" inherits="MyFont" text="Bob"/>
    <Frame name="$parentChild">
      <Size x="200" y="100"/>
        <Anchor relativeKey="$parent.Name" point="TOP" relativePoint="BOTTOM">
            <AbsDimension x="0" y="-22" />

target[edit | edit source]

Name of an element to use as this elements target. in Animation.

targetKey[edit | edit source]

Name of a parentKey object refernce to use as this elements target. in Animation.

text[edit | edit source]

(string) - Used to define text to show on buttons, FontStrings etc.

toplevel[edit | edit source]

valuestep[edit | edit source]

(float) - Tells a slider how far to jump per click.

virtual[edit | edit source]

(boolean) - If true element will not created, but used as template for other elements. Default is 'false'.

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