The WoW UI XML Ui element holds a list of all other elements. Ui is the root element in a FrameXML .xml document, and is the fundimental element for containing all other elements. Ui is not inheritable, nor does it inherit any other element type. No other element can contain Ui.

Inheritance[edit | edit source]

Inherited by: none, Inherits: none, Defined in: none (root element type)

Elements[edit | edit source]

Attributes[edit | edit source]


Summary[edit | edit source]

Example[edit | edit source]

<Ui xmlns="http://www.blizzard.com/wow/ui/"
  <Include file="MyFrameTemplates.xml" />
  <Script file="MyFrame.lua" />
  <Font name="SomeFont_Tiny" font="Fonts\FRIZQT__.TTF" virtual="true">
      <AbsValue val="9"/>
  <Texture name="MyAddon_TextureTemplate" file="sometexture" virtual="true">
    <Size x="100" y="100"/>
  <Frame name="MyAddOn_FrameTemplate" parent="UIParent" virtual="true">
    <Backdrop bgFile="Interface\DialogFrame\UI-DialogBox-Background"
          edgeFile="Interface\DialogFrame\UI-DialogBox-Border" tile="true">
        <AbsInset left="11" right="12" top="12" bottom="11"/>
        <AbsValue val="32"/>
        <AbsValue val="32"/>
        <Texture inherits="MyAddon_TextureTemplate">
            <Anchor point="TOP"/>
  <Frame name="MyAddon_MyFrame" inherits="MyAddOn_Template">
      <AbsDimension x="200" y="200" />
      <Anchor point="CENTER" />

Example Ui FrameXML file illustrating many common Ui elements.

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