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A Texture is a LayoutFrame XML element that describes a graphic or display in the UI. Textures, along with FontStrings are layered UI elements, meaning they must be inside <Layers><Layer> tags.


Inherited by: none, Inherits: <LayoutFrame>, Runtime object: Texture
Defined in: Layers, Ui



  • file (string) - resource file path to the texture image
  • alphaMode (ALPHAMODE) - Blending mode


The graphic may be an image loaded by Blizzard or an addon, or it may be a solid color or gradient. Textures support partially transparent images and different strategies for blending these into other images. They may be changed to show only a portion of a loaded image using 'texture coordinates'. Note: The Texture must be within a Layer.


<Texture name="MyTexture" file="Interface\ItemSocketingFrame\UI-ItemSockets" alphaMode="ADD">
    <AbsDimension x="13" y="13"/>
    <Anchor point="CENTER">
        <AbsDimension x="0" y="0"/>
  <TexCoords left="0.398" right="0.445" top="0.402" bottom="0.449"/>



Textures are the means to display images in the game. The image must be either a TGA file ( or BLP file ( image file. Textures may only load images whose dimensions are powers of two, such as 2x2, 4x8, and so on. Images that have non-power of two dimensions will show up as solid green textures. The image does not need to be square, however, so rectangular dimensions like 32x128 are also valid.

Virtual Textures[]

Virtual textures are textures that are allowed to be used as a template for other textures. This is useful in situations where textures vary by a small amount. In this case, the similarity can be put in a virtual texture, and the children need to only describe their differences.