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ButtonStyle defines a visual style for Button state. At this time, attribute values are basically names of Fonts or FontStrings which the button will use to render its font.

Inheritance Edit

Inherited by: none, Inherits: none, Defined in: Button

Elements Edit


Attributes Edit

  • style (string) - name of a Font or FontString to base the font style on.

Summary Edit

Although this type was meant to encapsulate a whole style for a button state or general button, it onlyri conveys the font information. It does not itself define a font or fontstring and has no attributes or elements to support this. Currently the ButtonStyle 'style' can basically be treated like 'inherits' on FontString.

Example Edit

<Frame name="MyFrame">
        <Size x="100" y="100" />
        <Color a="1" r="1" g="1" b="1" />
  <Button inherits="UIPanelButtonTemplate" text="Big Text">
    <Size x=150 y=60>
    <Anchors><Anchor point="BOTTOM"/></Anchors>
    <NormalFont style="GameFontNormalHuge"/>

This example will show a opaque color texture, painted white, and a button where the normal state font have been changed to a large font.

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