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The WoW XML Attribute elements add an arbitrary variable to a runtime Lua object. This mechanism is very akin to the parentKey, relativeKey, and targetKey XML attributes, in that all of these allow adding arbitrary member variables to Lua objects from WoW FrameXML. See also KeyValue.

Inheritance Edit

Inherited by: none, Inherits: none, Defined in: Frame > Attributes

Elements Edit


Attributes Edit

  • name (string) - Lua name for the attribute
  • type (ATTRIBUTETYPE) - the Lua type for the attribute. Default is 'string'.
  • value - the actual value for the attribute. will be converted to the Lua type defined by type at runtime

Summary Edit

An Attribute element defines a Lua runtime object variable for the XML element.

Example Edit

<Frame name="MyFrame">
    <Attribute name="myvar" type="number" value="0"/>

This example will set a variable named 'myvar' with a number value of '0', when the frame is created.

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