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Animations are like Anchors, in that they define percieved layout for a UI region. A region is visible UI element that can dictate its own layout, like FontString, Texture and Frame. Animations is a list of AnimationGroups each of which hold a set of Animations or animation transitions, such as Alpha, Scale, Rotation, and Translation.

Animations are unlike anchors in that they merely provide visual "eye candy" rather than actually changing the regions actual layout. For example during the execution of an animation for a region, a FrontString may appear to transition in position, however only its animation system offset is being manipulated and its original and actual regular anchor layout is still in effect, where basically things like the FontString "hit area" are still in the same place. Thus, animations give what could be described as an "out of body" experence for the region being animated.

 <Frame name="MyFrame">
       <Alpha change="1" duration="0.6" order="1"/>

This example animation will change the aparent alpha of 'MyFrame', and set a font string to say 'animating' while the animation is running.


Inherited by: none, Inherits: none, Defined in: LayoutFrame