This page documents a user-defined API that is provided by third-party addons.
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The intent of this page is to provide a simple, consistent API for addons to query the vendor sell value of an item without the need to individually support every sell value addon in existence. All sell value addons are asked to provide the following global function:

sellToVendorPrice = GetSellValue(item);

Requirements Edit

  • 'item' must take the same values GetItemInfo does
  • Must return an int, or nil if unknown price. Only return 0 if you know the item cannot be sold to vendor.

Recommended Edit

Check for existence of the global before you define it and hook it if present. This allows for other sell value addons to provide prices that are not known by your addon.

Example Code Edit

The following code snippets illustrate how to create a hook capable of accepting the same input values as GetItemInfo.

Tekkub's version Edit

This code will ensure that YourItemPriceFunc is passed an integer itemid, or the hooked function is called if present and your function does not return a value. It is optimized to take advantage of tail calls and avoid useless hook calls.

local origGetSellValue = GetSellValue
function GetSellValue(item)
	local id = type(item) == "number" and item or type(item) == "string" and tonumber(item:match("item:(%d+)"))

	if not id and type(item) == "string" then -- Convert item name to itemid, only works if the player has the item in his bags
		local _, link = GetItemInfo(item)
		id = link and tonumber(link:match("item:(%d+)")) 

	return id and (YourItemPriceFunc(id) or origGetSellValue and origGetSellValue(id))

Polarina's version Edit

Functionally this is the same as Tekkub's version. Just slightly slower due to the extra select() call.

local origGetSellValue = GetSellValue
function GetSellValue(item)
	local id, sellval
	if type(item) == "number" then
		id = item
		-- Acquire the second argument from GetItemInfo.
		local link = select(2, GetItemInfo(item))
		-- Check if 'link' is set before using it.
		id = link and tonumber(link:match("item:(%d+)"))
	if id then
		sellval = -- Retrieve the price here...
	-- If 'sellval' is not set, fall back to origGetSellValue.
	return sellval or (id and origGetSellValue and origGetSellValue(id))

Addons Edit

This function is implemented by the following addons:

Addons using this function:

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