API types

Examples Edit

 <TextInsets left="2" right="2" top="0" left="0" />
    <AbsInset left="1" right="1" top="1" bottom="1" />

Note: you can either specify insets through child <AbsInset> / <RelInset> element, OR directly with attributes left, right, top, bottom. However, when you declare insets via attributes you must specify all four of them. That is, you cannot write

 <!-- Warning: This is an example of incorrect Inset object -->
 <TextInsets left="2" right="2" />

XML Edit

Attributes Edit

  • left (int)
  • right (int)
  • top (int)
  • bottom (int)

Elements Edit

Only one of these elements may be used:

  • AbsInset
  • RelInset
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