Puts a small "e" edit link in a subscript-like position in a table cell. Intended for transcluded tables, but theoretically could be used for other things. See also {{sectioneditlink}} and {{tabledisplaylink}}.

{{editlink|<page to edit>}}
  • 1= internal link page, like 'Template:Somenav'
  • 2= Optional char or text to use as link. Default is 'e'.
  • color= Optional text color link. Default is regular link color.
  • float= Optional Default is 'right' (both, right, left, or none).
  • tight=1 Optional render the "e" that fits better in tight space, doesn't disturb flow.
  • style= Optional additional style, like margins or as necessary.
{| class="darktable" width="30%"
! Table with edit link {{editlink|Template:editlink}}
| Cell 1
Table with edit link e
Cell 1
:Some kind of heading {{editlink|Template:editlink}}
:I like unicorn.
:I like princess.
Some kind of heading e
I like unicorn.
I like princess.
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