Slash commands

Sets your current target to a nearby unit.

/target options name

Aliases[edit | edit source]


Arguments[edit | edit source]

Options to search with, separated by commas, enclosed in [ ] (see below)
The string to search for in the unit's name.

Options[edit | edit source]

You may specify these options, if you wish to invert the logic of the option, put "no" in front of it (ex. noexists). This is mostly the same as the cast options, but some options do not work as expected, see notes. For the conditionals like combat, stance, stealth, the test is performed on the player, not the target. The ones that differ in functionality from cast are listed here.

No function (cannot target dead units using this command).
No function, see targetenemy.
No function, see targetfriend.
Targets a target based on the unitid system (pet, pettarget, etc...). See cast. Using this option, you do not need to specify a name argument.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This performs a search with all nearby units whose name begins with name.
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