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Slash commands

Saves the Guild Roster as a text file.







  • Saves to World of Warcraft\Logs\GuildRoster.txt in a tab separated format. Headings are Name, Level, Class, Zone, Rank, Public Note, Officer Note, Time since last online (0=online at time of export). Headings are not saved into file.
  • It appears that Time Since Last Online is saved as an unsigned integer which can make some of the number large negative values. Not sure if it is seconds since some other time or not.
  • The number appears to be a Date/Time group of some sort. When converted to Hex in my test, all the numbers appeared in what appears at least a 40-bit word, with all of the data occupying the highest-order 12-bit word, with all the lower-order bits being 0. The numbers do not appear to convert directly to a date/time group in a spreadsheet program, nor as a differential with the current time.
  • This Macro Function has been removed in 3.2.2. ref forum post.