Slash commands

Changes equipped items to stored item set in Equipment Manager

/equipset options setname; options setname; ...

Aliases[edit | edit source]


Arguments[edit | edit source]

List of options below, separated by commas, enclosed in [ ]
The name of the set to switch to as it was saved in the Equipment Manager (note this is case sensitive)

Options[edit | edit source]

You may use "no" in front of any of these to invert the logic result.

If you are in combat
equipped ⇔ worn 
If you are currently equipping a specific item, item of a particular class or subclass, or have an item in a particular slot. (ex. equipped:item, see below for details).
If you are in a group. You may optionally specify group:party or group:raid.
If you are mounted.
modifier ⇔ mod
If the click is modified with shift, ctrl, or alt. You may optionally specify modifier:key (key=shift,ctrl,alt).
stance ⇔ form 
If you are in a particular stance. May also use stance:# to specify a particular stance (#=stance number).
If you are in a vehicle with a vehicle UI.

Item Types for equipped[edit | edit source]

Two-Hand,Bag,Shirt,Chest,Back,Feet,Finger,Hands,Head,Held In Off-hand,Legs,Neck,Ranged,Chest,Off Hand,Shoulder,Tabard,Thrown,Trinket,Waist,One-Hand,Main Hand,Off Hand,Wrist
Item Types
Item Sub-Types
Cloth,Idols,Leather,Librams,Mail,Miscellaneous,Shields,Totems,Plate,Bag,Enchanting Bag,Engineering Bag,Herb Bag,Soul Bag,Arrow,Bullet,Ammo Pouch,Quiver,Bows,Crossbows,Daggers,Guns,Fishing Pole,Fist Weapons,Miscellaneous,One-Handed Axes,One-Handed Maces,One-Handed Swords,Polearms,Staves,Thrown,Two-Handed Axes,Two-Handed Maces,Two-Handed Swords,Wands

Examples[edit | edit source]

-- This will equip an armor set per spec if mounted or on a vehicle, unless a miscellaneous item is equipped (like an Argent Lance)
/equipset [mounted, spec:1][vehicleui, spec:1] Set1; [mounted, spec:2, noequipped:Miscellaneous][vehicleui, spec:2] Set2
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