Slash commands

Simulate a mouse click on a frame of type Button.

/click options ButtonObj MouseButton Down

Aliases[edit | edit source]


Arguments[edit | edit source]

See Making a macro for instructions on how to properly use options.
The button to click. If the frame's type is not Button, this will silently fail.
The button you wish to simulate the click with. Accepts any value (LeftButton is the default). GetMouseButtonClicked() will return this value.
Simulates a down-click. A value of "true" or "1" will cause a down-click. Any other value will not.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This macro calls ButtonObj:Click(MouseButton, Down) and triggers its OnClick, PreClick, and PostClick scripts.
  • The button must be clickable (ButtonObj:EnableMouse(true)) and enabled (ButtonObj:Enable()).
  • Unlike physically clicking the mouse button, there is no up-click with a down-click and no down-click with an up-click and you can't hold the virtual MouseButton down.
  • This does not trigger the button's OnMouseDown or OnMouseUp scripts.
  • The macro system prevents infinite loops by not allowing the macro to click itself or click another macro that will return the click (no bouncing reflects here).
  • The same syntax and options as cast can also be used with click. E.g. /click [btn:1] ActionButton1; ActionButton2, /click [target=mouseover,exists] ActionButton1; ActionButton2, etc.
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