AddOn Studio Wiki

A list of some of the many addon and programming fansites.

Main sites[]

News and general sites
Item databases
  • Icon-mmochampion-22x22.png MMO Champion - [1]
  • Icon-thottbot-22x22.png Thottbot - [2]
  • Icon-wowhead-22x22.png Wowhead - [3]
Addon sites

News and general sites[]

Addon and UI sites[]

Databases and resources[]

  • Elite WoW Macros - - WoW macros and key bindings
  • - - WoW character gear score calculator and rankings
  • Icon-mmo4ever-22x22.png MMO4EVER - - WoW game database
  • The Undermine Journal - - Source for WoW auction house statistics and data
  • Warcraft Mounts - - Images of mounts. Sister site to Petopia
  • Warcraft Pets - - Database of WoW small pets
  • WoW Heroes - - Known most for Gear Score calculator. Also pulls character stats, gear stats, crafter, and guild progression info. Supports EU, US, CN, KR, and TW.
  • Raider-io-favicon-20x20.png Raider IO - - WoW guild rankings and insights



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