Event API

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Quest related events

Category: Quest

This event fires whenever the player accepts a quest.

Quest log index. You may pass this to GetQuestLogTitle() for information about the accepted quest.

Category: Quest

This event fires when an escort quest is started by another player. A dialog appears asking if the player also wants to start the quest.

Name of player who is starting escort quest.
Title of escort quest. Eg. "Protecting the Shipment"

Category: Quest

Fired after the player hits the "Continue" button in the quest-information page, before the "Complete Quest" button.

In other words it fires when you are given the option to complete a quest, but just before you actually complete the quest (as stated above).

Category: {{{2}}}

Fired upon completion of a world quest, or turning in a quest with the "Complete Quest" button.

QuestID of quest turned in.
XP rewarded, 0 if max level.
Money rewarded in copper.

Category: Quest

Fired whenever Quest POIs change. For example after accepting an quest.

Category: Quest

Fired when the data requested by QueryQuestsCompleted() is available.

Category: Quest

Fired when the player is given a more detailed view of his quest.

Category: Quest

Fired whenever the quest frame changes (Detail to Progress to Reward, etc.) or is closed.

mousebutton (LeftButton)

Category: Quest

Fired when talking to an NPC that offers or accepts more than one quest, i.e. has more than one active or available quest.

Category: Quest

Fired when the quest items are updated

Category: Quest

This event is fired very often. This includes, but is not limited to: viewing a quest for the first time in a session in the Quest Log; (once for each quest?) every time the player changes zones across an instance boundary; every time the player picks up a non-grey item; every time after the player completes a quest goal, such as killing a mob for a quest. It also fires whenever the player (or addon using the CollapseQuestHeader or ExpandQuestHeader() functions) collapses or expands any zone header in the quest log.

Category: Quest

Fired when a player is talking to an NPC about the status of a quest and has not yet clicked the complete button.

Category: Quest

Fired just before a quest goal was completed. At this point the game client's quest data is not yet updated, but will be after a subsequent QUEST_LOG_UPDATE event.

questIndex (not watch index)

Category: Unit Info,Quest

Fired whenever the quest log changes. (Frequently, but not as frequently as QUEST_LOG_UPDATE)

unit name

Seen unit names:

  • player
  • party1
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