The Blizzard DebugTools appeared in Patch 3.2 and added a set of new slash commands to assist with addon development and UI tweaking. Inspired/derived from Iriel's DevTools addon.

Frame stack Edit

Description Edit

Displays information about the frames under the mouse cursor.

Usage Edit

/framestack [showhidden]

/fstack [showhidden]

Arguments Edit

showhidden - if "true" then will also display information about hidden frames

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Event Trace Edit

Description Edit

The EventTrace command assists addon developers in figuring out what events fire in certain circumstances. For example, you may want to know what order events fire when you zone into a random dungeon instance or when loot drops.


/eventtrace [command]

/etrace [command]

Arguments Edit

start - enables event capturing to the EventTrace frame

stop - disables event capturing

number - captures the provided number of events and then stops

If no command is given the EventTrace frame visibility is toggled. The first time the frame is displayed, event tracing is automatically started.

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Dump Edit

Description Edit

Used to print variables or expression results to the chat frame.

Usage Edit

/dump expression

expression can be any valid lua expression that results in a value. So variable names, function calls, frames or tables can all be dumped.

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