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baddons.wcf is a file, that was created for the World of Warcraft client for version 3.2.

There are 2 versions:

  • Version 1 (which is not used) is located in the folder World of Warcraft\WDB, and hasn't been updated since Aug 4, 2009.
  • Version 2 (which is in use) is located in the folder World of Warcraft\Cache, and was last updated in December 2009.

Both versions contain a list of blocked or otherwise unwanted addons. Only Version 2 is in use by the client.


The file consists of a number of entries, each one in the following format:

Name Size¹ Comment
Id 4 The number of the entry
Name 16 MD5 hash of the addon's name (?)
Version 16 MD5 hash of the addon's version field
Unknown 4 An unknown 4 byte value
End 4 1 if this is the last entry, 0 otherwise

¹ in bytes


Version 1

This file contains 11 entries. The first ten have d41d8cd98f0b24e980998ecf8427e for both name and version, which is the MD5 hash of an empty string. The 11th entry has an unknown name (MD5: e2c8609449919c1b2d6afa8433632854) and the version "v1.0" (MD5: ff3e568a272ca876d331675fd3d5a6c2). The unknown field contains 0x49347a01 for most of the entries, except the first (0x493479e8) and the last one (0x49347af9).

Version 2

This file contains 420 entries - most of which are blank.

(Parse of file to come)

We know Gearscore v3.0.09b should be in this list because of its banned status [1].