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Calls a function, returning a boolean indicating success as the first return value, and error text / return values as the following values.

retOK, ret1, ret2, ... retn = pcall (func, arg1, arg2, ...);

Arguments Edit

Function - The function that will be called (from within) pcall().
arg1 - argn
Variable - Any variable that is also to be passed with the function when its called (Optional).

Returns Edit

Boolean - If the call to the function (that was passed to pcall) succeeded, returns true. If an error occured, returns false.
String (if failed) / Variable - If an error occured, error text is returned; if not, ret1 is the first return value of the original function.
ret2 - retn
Variable - If the function call succeeded, those return variables contain values returned by original function.

Example Edit

function myTest(incrementVal)
  return incrementVal + 10;

local retOK, ret1 = pcall(myTest,"string value");
local msg = "";
if (retOK) then
 msg = "Function succeeded, result: " .. ret1 .. ".";
 msg = "Function failed, error text: " .. ret1 .. ".";


pcall will catch the error that occured within 'myTest', and output the appropriate text to the default chat window. If "string value" is replaced by a number, the code will output number+10 instead.


pcall will also return other arguments returned from the "function" if all is successful.
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