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Perform the specified action.

UseAction(slot[, checkCursor[, onSelf]])

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

Numeric - The action slot to use.
Flag (optional) - Can be 0, 1, or nil. Appears to indicate whether the action button was clicked (1) or used via hotkey (0); probably involved in placing skills/items in the action bar after they've been picked up. I can confirm this. If you pass 0 for checkCursor, it will use the action regardless of whether another item/skill is on the cursor. If you pass 1 for checkCursor, it will replace the spell/action on the slot with the new one.
Flag (optional) - Can be 0, 1, or nil. If present and 1, then the action is performed on the player, not the target. If "true" is passed instead of 1, Blizzard produces a Lua error.

Returns Edit


Example Edit

action = 18 -- Change this to the slot number you want to activate
UseAction(action, 0, 1)

Result Edit

-- Causes action bar slot #18 to be cast on the player, regardless
-- of whether the cursor is currently "holding" an item or ability.

Details Edit

See the actionSlot API Type for more information on slot numbers and example code for listing available slots.

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