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Returns information on the spell currently cast by the specified unit. Returns nil if no spell is being cast.

spell, rank, displayName, icon, startTime, endTime, isTradeSkill, castID, interrupt = UnitCastingInfo("unit")

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Arguments[edit | edit source]

String - The UnitId to query (e.g. "player", "party2", "pet", "target" etc.)

Returns[edit | edit source]

String - The name of the spell, or nil if no spell is being cast.
String - The string describing the rank of the spell, e.g. "Rank 1".
String - The name to be displayed.
String - The texture path associated with the spell.
Number - Specifies when casting has begun, in milliseconds.
Number - Specifies when casting will end, in milliseconds.
Boolean - Specifies if the cast is a tradeskill
Number - Counts the spellcast(s) since the game has loaded.(added either in or just before 3.2)
(added in 3.2) Boolean - Returns true if the unit's current cast can not be interrupted by abilities such as Counterspell or Kick. Otherwise, returns false if the cast is interruptible or nil if the unit is not casting. If tested on a Paladin with Divine Shield active, interrupt returns true while the Paladin is casting. Without Divine Shield active, interrupt would return false.)

Example[edit | edit source]

local spell, _, _, _, _, endTime = UnitCastingInfo("player")
if spell then 
 local finish = endTime/1000 - GetTime()
 ChatFrame1:AddMessage(spell .. ' will be finished casting in ' .. finish .. ' seconds.')

Result[edit | edit source]

If you're currently casting Shadowbolt:
Shadowbolt will be finished casting in 1.234 seconds.

Details[edit | edit source]

For channeled spells, displayName is "Channeling".

Not sure if displayName ever differs from spell in any other contexts.

As of May 10, 2008, this does not return anything while casting Hellfire, Drain Life, or Rain of Fire with my warlock. The correct API for channeled spells is UnitChannelInfo. It takes the same arguments and returns the same values, but is specific to channeled spells.

New in Patch 3.2 (August 2009), returns 'interrupt' as well. Believe this is a boolean value for whether it is interruptable or not, but needs confirmation. Confirmed and updated.

Also, the official WoW 3.2 patch changes page lists the returns as:

name, nameSubtext, text, texture, startTime, endTime, isTradeSkill, castID, interrupt 

Didn't see 'castID' in there before, so added it to the returns list above. Assume it's a number, but this and the return type of interrupt need to be confirmed

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