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Determine whether a unit is in combat or has aggro.

affectingCombat = UnitAffectingCombat("unit");

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Arguments[edit | edit source]

String - The UnitId of the unit to check (Tested with "player", "pet", "party1", hostile "target")

Returns[edit | edit source]

Flag - Returns true if the unit is in combat or has aggro, false otherwise.

Details[edit | edit source]

Returns true when initiating combat.
Returns true if aggroed, even if enemy doesn't land a blow.
If a hunter, then returns true shortly after pet enters combat.
If using timed spell such as aimed shot, returns true when spell fires (not during charge up).
Returns to false on death.
Returns false if the unit being checked for aggro is out of range, or in another zone.

Note: returns false if a unit is proximity-aggroed. It wont return true until it either attacks or is attacked.

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