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Load or reload an addon.

loaded = UIParentLoadAddOn( index or "addonName" );

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

(index or "addonName")
Integer - The index of the AddOn in the user's AddOn list. Note that you cannot access Blizzard-provided AddOns through this mechanism.
String - The name of the addon you want to load or reload.

Returns Edit

Flag - Indicates if the AddOn was loaded, 1 if it is, nil if it is not.
An error message is issued if the addon failed to load.

Example Edit

local loaded = UIParentLoadAddOn( "MyFunkyAddon" );

Result Edit

loaded = 1 or nil

Details Edit

  • If the addon fails to load, it is added to a list of failed addons. If you try to load the addon again without reloading the UI, you will not be notified of failure unless you use LoadAddOn and write your own edge case.
  • As of patch 1.8, you can only use this for addons that are marked on demand in their .toc files (## LoadOnDemand: 1).

Functionally similar to this:

local loaded, reason = LoadAddOn(name);
if ( not loaded ) then
    message(format(ADDON_LOAD_FAILED, name, getglobal("ADDON_"..reason)));
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