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Icon-information-22x22This function is implemented by FrameXML in [DEPRECATED FrameXML/SpellBookFrame.lua].


Shows/Hides the Spellbook.

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

string containing which spellbook to open. Valid choices are "spell", "mount", "pet", "general", or any spec name (e.g. "assasination", "fire", etc). Only "spell" and "pet" will open the full spellbook (with all the tabs to click on), the rest will open only that tab (with no tabs to click on).
bookType (in version
string is optional. without parameter opens the book with the last used tab. current valid choices are "spell", "mount", "professions", "pet", "companions" for the bottom tabs line. direct accessability for talent spell are missing.

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Details Edit

Shows the Spellbook. Equivalent to pressing 'P'. Note that if you do not have any pet spells, passing in "pet" will do nothing.
If you want to open the spellbook using Lua, don't use this, use ToggleFrame(SpellBookFrame) instead.
However both ToggleFrame(SpellBookFrame) and ToggleSpellBook("spell") will not execute successfully while in combat using Lua due to AddOn Taint unless the Spell Book was previously opened during the same game session.
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