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A common set of special LFG (Looking For Group) types. Added in patch 5.0.4.


  • LE_LFG_CATEGORY_LFD - a Looking For Dungeon type of LFG
  • LE_LFG_CATEGORY_LFR - a Looking For Raid type of LFG (the old unused 'find others by name')
  • LE_LFG_CATEGORY_RF - a Raid Finder type of LFG
  • LE_LFG_CATEGORY_SCENARIO - a Scenario type of LFG
  • LE_LFG_CATEGORY_FLEXRAID - a Flex-Raid type of LFG


  • lfgType - used and returned by GetLFGQueueStat() and GetLFGMode()
  • by global array LFG_CATEGORY_NAMES[lfgCategoryType], where localized display names are mapped to lfgCategoryTypes, which are currently same as (showing enUS 5.4):
    • LOOKING_FOR_DUNGEON = "Dungeon Finder"
    • LOOKING_FOR_RAID = "Other Raids"
    • RAID_FINDER = "Raid Finder"
    • SCENARIOS = "Scenarios"
    • FLEX_RAID = "Flexible Raid"


The purpose is to differentiate which type of 'Looking For Group' is being referenced as a player can be queued for more than one at a time, and specifies which group is meant.


/run local x,y = GetLFGMode(LE_LFG_CATEGORY_LFD); SendChatMessage(tostring(x), tostring(y))
/run local x = LFG_CATEGORY_NAMES[LE_LFG_CATEGORY_LFD]; SendChatMessage(x)


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