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Alters an override binding.

SetOverrideBinding(owner, isPriority, "key", "command");

Arguments[edit | edit source]

Frame - The frame this binding "belongs" to; this can later be used to clear all override bindings belonging to a particular frame.
Boolean - true if this is a priority binding, false otherwise. Both types of override bindings take precedence over normal bindings.
String - Binding to bind the command to. For example, "Q", "ALT-Q", "ALT-CTRL-SHIFT-Q", "BUTTON5"
String/nil - Any name attribute value of a Bindings.xml-defined binding, or an action command string; nil to remove an override binding. For example:
  • "SITORSTAND" : a Bindings.xml-defined binding to toggle between sitting and standing
  • "CLICK PlayerFrame:LeftButton" : Fire a left-click on the PlayerFrame.
  • "SPELL Bloodrage" : Cast Bloodrage.
  • "ITEM Hearthstone" : Use Template:Item
  • "MACRO Foo" : Run a macro called "Foo"
  • "MACRO 1" : Run a macro with index 1.
Number - 1 if the binding should be saved to the currently loaded binding set (default), or 2 if to the alternative.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Override bindings take precedence over the normal SetBinding bindings. Priority override bindings take precedence over non-priority override bindings.
  • Override bindings are never saved, and will be wiped by an interface reload.

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