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Flags the player as looking for group for a specific destination.

SetLookingForGroup(slot, missiontype, destination)

Arguments[edit | edit source]

Number - Slot index (1 to 3); there are three LFG slots, so you can look for groups for three different destinations.
Number - Type index, corresponding to an entry in the GetLFGTypes() return list; the current types are "None", "Dungeon", "Raid", "Quest (Group)", "Zone", "Heroic Dungeon"
Number - Destination index within the mission type -- this would be the specific zone or instance index acquired from GetLFGTypeEntries(missiontype).

Example[edit | edit source]

local slot, mtype, destination = 1,3,2;
SetLookingForGroup(slot, mtype, destination);
print("Now looking for ", (select(destination, GetLFGTypeEntries(mtype))), " group");

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