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Changes your character's displayed title.


Arguments Edit

Number - ID of the title you want to set. The identifiers are global and therefore do not depend on which titles you have learned. Invalid or unlearned values clear your title. See TitleId for a list.

Example Edit


This sets the title "Elder" if your character had earned the title, otherwise it removes any active title.

/run local t={}; for titles=1,GetNumTitles()-1,1 do if IsTitleKnown(titles)==1 then table.insert(t,titles) end; end; local x=random(#t); print("Using title: "..GetTitleName(t[x])); SetCurrentTitle(t[x])

This macro will iterate over the list of titles, grab the ones the user has, then choose a random one from that list.

Details Edit

  • The last indexed value (currently 143) returns nil and removes the player's name completely (not available to players).
  • GetTitleName can be used to find the name associated with the TitleId.
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