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Evaluates macro options in the string and returns the appropriate sub-string or nil

result, target = SecureCmdOptionParse("macroText")

Arguments Edit

a string containing the macro conditions to be parsed.

Returns Edit

The chosen clause text, or no return (nil) if none of the clauses apply.
The [target=(unit)] argument of the chosen clause, if such an argument exist.

Example Edit

print(SecureCmdOptionParse("[mod:alt] Alt is down; Alt is not down")); -- Prints appropriate text
print(SecureCmdOptionParse("[target=pet] Cast at Pet")); -- Prints 'Cast at Pet', 'pet'
print(SecureCmdOptionParse("[nomod,mod] Alt is not down")); -- Prints nothing (nomod and mod cannot both be true)

Details Edit

This command can be used to implement the same conditional processing that Blizzard's macro system uses. It is the same API they use and so supports all the same conditionals.

Note that item links can not be part of the commands because they contain square brackets [], which get interpreted by the parser as modifiers.

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