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Returns the number of distinct reagents required by the specified recipe.

numReagents = GetTradeSkillNumReagents(tradeSkillRecipeId);

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Arguments[edit | edit source]

Integer - The id of the trade skill recipe.

Returns[edit | edit source]

Integer - The number of distinct reagents required to create the item.

Example[edit | edit source]

local numReagents = GetTradeSkillNumReagents(id);
local totalReagents = 0;
for i=1, numReagents, 1 do
  local reagentName, reagentTexture, reagentCount, playerReagentCount = GetTradeSkillReagentInfo(id, i);
  totalReagents = totalReagents + reagentCount;

Result[edit | edit source]

Calculates the total number of items required by the recipe.

Notes[edit | edit source]

If a recipe calls for 2 copper tubes, 1 malachite and 2 blasting powders, GetTradeSkillNumReagents would return 3. If it required 5 linen cloths, the result would be 1.

Once you know how many distinct reagents you need, you can use GetTradeSkillReagentInfo to find out how many of each one are required.

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