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Returns the tier and column of a talent's prerequisite, and if the talent is learnable.

tier, column, isLearnable = GetTalentPrereqs( tabIndex , talentIndex[, inspect] );

Parameters[edit | edit source]


(tabIndex, talentIndex)
Integer - Specifies which tab the talent is in.
Integer - Specifies which talent to check
Note: The talentIndex is counted as if it where a tree, meaning that the left most talent in the top most row is number 1 followed by the one immediate to the right is number 2, if there are no more talents to the right then it continues from the left most talent on the next row.
Boolean - If true returns the information for the inspected unit instead of the player. New with 2.3.


tier, column, isLearnable
Integer - The tier that the prerequisite talent sits on
Integer - The Column that the prerequisite talent sits on
Integer - Returns 1 if you have the necessary prereqisites already, nil otherwise.

Example[edit | edit source]

For a Warrior, checks the prerequisites for the talent "Flurry":

local tier, column, learnable = GetTalentPrereqs(2,16)


tier = 4
column = 3
learnable = 1 if you have 5/5 in Enrage, nil otherwise

Details[edit | edit source]

If you select a talent with no prerequisites, the whole function returns nil

The original code by Blizzard shows that possibly several prerequisites could exists, in which case other triplets of row, column, learnable values would be returned. Code to handle this would look like this :

local handle_prereqs = function (...)
  for i = 1, select("#", ...), 3 do
    local row, column, learnable = select(i, ...)
    <do something here>
handle_prereqs(GetTalentPrereqs(tab, index))
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