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Returns a players critical hit chance with spells for a certain school.

theCritChance = GetSpellCritChance(school)

Parameters[edit | edit source]

school - the spell school to retrieve the crit chance for

  • 1 for Physical
  • 2 for Holy
  • 3 for Fire
  • 4 for Nature
  • 5 for Frost
  • 6 for Shadow
  • 7 for Arcane

Returns[edit | edit source]

An unformatted floating point figure representing the critical hit chance for the specified school.

Example[edit | edit source]

The following function, called with no arguments, will return the same spell crit value as shown on the Character pane of the default UI. The figure returned is formatted as a floating-point figure out to two decimal places.

function GetRealSpellCrit()

    local holySchool = 2;
    local minCrit = GetSpellCritChance(holySchool);
    local spellCrit;

    this.spellCrit = {};
    this.spellCrit[holySchool] = minCrit;

    for i=(holySchool+1), 7 do

        spellCrit = GetSpellCritChance(i);
        minCrit = min(minCrit, spellCrit);
        this.spellCrit[i] = spellCrit;


    minCrit = format("%.2f%%", minCrit);
    return minCrit;


The above function is essentially a straight copy of the function from the Paper Doll LUA file in the default UI.

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