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Synopsis Edit

Retrieves information about a specific SpellBook item

skillType, contextualID = GetSpellBookItemInfo(entryName)


skillType, contextualID = GetSpellBookItemInfo(index, spellBookType)

Arguments Edit

String - The name of the spell, flyout, or pet ability you want to query
Number - The index into the spellbook
String - "pet" - which will search pull the entry from the pet spellbook or any other string (even an empty string - but not nil) which will pull the entry from the player's main spellbook.

Returns Edit

String - The type of the spell (known values: "SPELL", "PETACTION", "FUTURESPELL", "FLYOUT")
Number - For SPELL and FUTURESPELL this is the spellID. For PetAction is it an integer value that is troublesome to use outside of two functions related solely to the PetBarUI. For Flyout, it is the FlyoutID.

If nothing is found or invalid parameters were supplied, nil is returned

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