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Returns various information about the inventory item currently being socketed (i.e. socket UI is open for the item).

itemName, iconPathName, itemQuality = GetSocketItemInfo()

Returns Edit

itemName, iconPathName, itemQuality
String - Localized name of the item currently being socketed, or nil if the socketing UI is not open.
String - Virtual path name (i.e. Interface\Icons\inv_belt_52) for the icon displayed in the character window (PaperDollFrame) for this item, or nil if the socketing UI is not open.
Integer - 0) Socketing UI not currently open, 1) Common [white], 2) Uncommon [green], 3) Rare [blue], 4) Epic [purple], etc. (the colors correlate to the color of the font used by the game when it draws the item's name.

Example Edit

-- from Blizzard_ItemSocketingUI.lua

 local name, icon, quality = GetSocketItemInfo();
 local sname, sicon, squality = tostring(name), tostring(icon), tostring(quality)
 print("name:" .. sname .. "  icon:" .. sicon .. "  quality:" .. squality)


Simple print statement displaying the values returned. In this example, I used Merlin's Robe (item id:47604):

name:Merlin's Robe icon:Interface\Icons\INV_Chest_Cloth_64 quality:4

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