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WoW API < GetNumSubgroupMembers

Returns number of party members.

subGroupMembers = GetNumSubgroupMembers()


groupType (optional)
(partyCategoryType) the type of group.
  • LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_HOME - get the count for a local or manual group. (default)
  • LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_INSTANCE - get the count for a player's automatic group. (default in an instance)


Number - The number of sub-group members, excluding the player (0 to 4).


The snippet below adds a message stating the number of people in the player's current party to the default chat frame.

print("There are " .. GetNumSubgroupMembers() .. " other people in your raid party.");


  • While in a battleground, this function returns information about your battleground party. You may no longer retrieve information about your non-battleground party using GetRealNumPartyMembers() as of patch 5.0.4.
  • While in a raid, you are also in a party. You might be the only person in your raidparty, so this function could still return 0.

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