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Gives information about the mirror bar. (Spirit release, exhaustion/fatigue, etc)

timer, initial, maxvalue, scale, paused, label = GetMirrorTimerInfo(id)

Arguments Edit

Number - timer index, from 1 to MIRRORTIMER_NUMTIMERS (3 as of 3.2). In general, the following correspondence holds: 1 = Fatigue, 2 = Breath, 3 = Feign Death.

Returns Edit

String - A string identifying timer type; "EXHAUSTION", "BREATH", and "FEIGNDEATH", or "UNKNOWN" indicating that the timer corresponding to that index is not currently active, and other return values are invalid.
Number - Value of the timer when the it started.
Number - Maximum value of the timer.
Number - Change in timer value per second.
Flag - 0 if the timer is currently running, a value greater than zero if it is not.
String - Localized timer name.

Notes Edit

  • Calling the function with an out-of-range index results in an error. The syntax specification in the error text is invalid; this function may not be called with "BREATH", "EXHAUSTION" etc as arguments.
  • The current value of the timer may be retrieved using GetMirrorTimerProgress("timer"). Most timers tend to count down to zero, at which point something bad happens.

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