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itemTexture, itemValue, itemLink = GetMerchantItemCostItem(index, itemIndex)

Parameters[edit | edit source]


Number - The index of the item in the merchant's inventory
Number - The index for the required item cost type.


String - The texture that represents the item's icon
Number - The number of that item required
String - An itemLink for the cost item.

Details[edit | edit source]

itemIndex counts into the number of different "alternate currency" tokens required to buy the item under consideration. For example, looking at the 25-player Tier 9 vendor, a chestpiece costs 75 Emblems of Triumph and 1 Trophy of the Crusade. This function would be called with arguments (N,1) to retrieve information about the Emblems and (N,2) to retrieve information about the Trophy, where N is the index of the chestpiece in the merchant window.

Most vendor items only use a single type of alternate currency token, so itemIndex will typically be 1.

itemIndex should never be larger than the itemCount returned by GetMerchantItemCostInfo.

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