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Returns the information about a landmark on the current world map.

name, description, textureId, x, y = GetMapLandmarkInfo(landmarkId)




  • name (string) - the name of the landmark
  • description (string) - a description of the landmark. In Battlegrounds this can dynamic information such as which faction controls the landmark
  • textureId (number) - an index representing which landmark icon to display. These icons are in 'Interface\Minimap\POIIcons.blp', in an 16x16 grid (each icon is 16x16). Values are listed in the Landmarks section below.
  • x (number) - The X location of the landmark's cente, as a proportion of the current map's width, between 0 and 1
  • y (number) - The Y location of the landmark's center, as a proportion of the current map's height, between 0 and 1

Landmark texture and textureIDs[]

Template:Map/Note/doc/markers poi


  • 3.0.2 added more icons (102 now), doubled the size of the POIIcons.blp texture to 256x256 and moved the invisible texture from index 15 to 0.

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