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Gets the bitfield of what types of bags an item can go into or contain.

bagType = GetItemFamily(itemId or "itemName" or "itemLink")

Arguments Edit

(itemId or "itemName" or "itemLink")
Integer - The numeric ID of the item. ie. 12345
String - The Name of the Item, ex: "Hearthstone"
String - The itemLink, when Shift-Clicking items.

Returns Edit

Bitfield - What type of bags an item can go into or if the item is a container what it can contain

Example Edit

local a = GetItemFamily(22786)


a = 32

Details Edit

New function for 2.4 that allows you to find out what items can go into what bags. If the item you pass is a container itself it will return what items it can contain since containers can always only go in general purpose bags. This function only returns info for the items in the item cache just like GetItemInfo. If the item is not in the item cache the function will return nil.
The best way of testing if an item is a bag (or quiver) is to GetItemInfo() it and check if the 9th return value is "INVTYPE_BAG". All other tests require localization.
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