WoW API < GetInventoryItemCount

Determine the quantity of an item in an inventory slot.

count = GetInventoryItemCount("unit", slotId)

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

("unit", slotId)
String - The UnitId of the unit whose inventory is to be queried.
Numeric - The inventory slot to be queried, obtained via GetInventorySlotInfo.

Returns Edit

Numeric - Returns 1 on empty slots (Thus, on empty ammo slot, 1 is returned). For containers (Bags, etc.), this returns the number of items stored inside the container (Thus, empty containers return 0). Under all other conditions, this function returns the amount of items in the specified slot.

Example Edit

local ammoSlot = GetInventorySlotInfo("AmmoSlot");
local ammoCount = GetInventoryItemCount("player", ammoSlot);
if ((ammoCount == 1) and (not GetInventoryItemTexture("player", ammoSlot))) then
    ammoCount = 0;

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