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local sessionHK, sessionDK, yesterdayHK, yesterdayHonor,
 thisweekHK, thisweekHonor, lastweekHK, lastweekHonor, lastweekStanding,
 lifetimeHK, lifetimeDK, lifetimeRank = GetInspectHonorData()

Get the honor information about the inspected unit

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • at API (retail) 1300 - 'local lifetimeRank, sessionHK, sessionDK, yesterdayHK, yesterdayDK, lastweekHK, lastweekDK, lifetimeHK, lifetimeDK, yesterdayContribution, lastweekContribution, lastweekRank = GetInspectHonorData()'
  • before API (retail) 1300 - 'local todayHK, todayHonor, yesterdayHK, yesterdayHonor, lifetimeHK, lifetimeDK = GetInspectHonorData()'
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