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Returns information about a saved equipment set:

name, icon, lessIndex = GetEquipmentSetInfo(index)
icon, lessIndex = GetEquipmentSetInfoByName("name")

Arguments[edit | edit source]

GetEquipmentSetInfo -- index 
Number: an ascending index going from 1 to GetNumEquipmentSets().
GetEquipmentSetInfoByName -- name
String: equipment set name.

Returns[edit | edit source]

The functions returns nothing if the queried index or set name does not exist. If the index/name is valid, the following values are returned:

String: Equipment set name.
String: Icon texture file name (relative to Interface/Icons) selected for this set.
Number: A number one less than the set index. This return value is not used by the default UI.

Example[edit | edit source]

local name, icon, lessIndex = GetEquipmentSetInfo(1);
if not name then
 print("You have no equipment sets");
 print("First equipment set: \124TInterface\\Icons\\" .. icon .. ":16\124t " .. name);
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