WoW API < GetCurrentMapContinent

Returns the number of the continent the world map is currently showing

continent = GetCurrentMapContinent();


Number - Indicates which continent (from GetMapContinents()) the map is currently showing, or 0 for all.
-1 - if showing the cosmic map or a Battleground map. Also when showing The Scarlet Enclave, the Death Knights' starting area.
0 - if showing the entire world of Azeroth (all three continents - Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms & Northrend)
1 - if showing Kalimdor, or a zone map within it
2 - if showing Eastern Kingdoms, or a zone map within it
3 - if showing Outland, or a zone map within it
4 - if showing Northrend, or a zone map within it
5 - if showing The Maelstrom, or a zone map within it
6 - if showing Pandaria, or a zone map within it
7 - if showing Draenor, or a zone map within it

local continent = GetCurrentMapContinent();


  • Note that the value returned represents the map display, and not necessarily the player's actual location. The SetMapToCurrentZone() function will reset the values to represent the player's location.
  • However for macros since, the map display is reset to the players location when the world map is closed, this can be used as the players location.
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