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Retrieve Information about a currency at index including it's amount.

name, CurrentAmount, texture, earnedThisWeek, weeklyMax, totalMax, isDiscovered = GetCurrencyInfo(index)


Integer - Index of the currency to retrieve



String - the name of the currency, localized to the language


Number - Current amount of the currency at index


String - The file name of the currency's icon. As of 5.2.0, does include the path (\\Interface\\Icons\\)


Number - The amount of the currency earned this week


Number - Maximum amount of currency possible to be earned this week


Number - Total maximum currency possible to stockpile


Boolean - Whether the character has ever got some of this currency


  • index appears to correspond to IDs seen at Wowhead's currencies list.[1]
    • As of patch 4.0.1 (16-Oct-2010) new indexes: 241-Champion's Seal 390-Conquest Points 392-Honor Points 395-Justice Points
    • Patch 4.0.3 (09-Aug-2012) - Table Updated ID's 0-1000
index name
61 Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token Template:Wotlk-inline (Dalaran Template:Ability dailies)
81 Dalaran Cooking Award Template:Wotlk-inline
(Dalaran Template:Ability dailies; becomes Epicurean's Award Template:Mists-inline)
241 Champion's Seal Template:Wotlk-inline (Argent Tournament)
361 Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token Template:Cata-inline (Template:Ability dailies)
384 Dwarf Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
385 Troll Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
390 Conquest Points Template:Cata-inline (PvP, Ranked Arena/Rated battleground)
391 Tol Barad Commendation Template:Cata-inline
392 Honor Points (PvP)
393 Fossil Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
394 Night Elf Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
395 Justice Points Template:Cata-inline
396 Valor Points Template:Cata-inline
397 Orc Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
398 Draenei Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
399 Vrykul Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
400 Nerubian Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
401 Tol'vir Archaeology Fragment Template:Cata-inline
402 Chef's Award Template:Cata-inline (Template:Ability dailies)
416 Mark of the World Tree Template:Cata-inline (Molten Front, Firelands)
515 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Template:Cata-inline
614 Mote of Darkness Template:Cata-inline (Dragon Soul)
615 Essence of Corrupted Deathwing Template:Cata-inline (Madness of Deathwing)
676 Pandaren Archaeology Fragment Template:Mists-inline
679 Elder Charm of Good Fortune Template:Mists-inline
692 Conquest Random BG Meta Template:Mists-inline
697 Elder Charm of Good Fortune Template:Mists-inline
738 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune Template:Mists-inline
752 Mogu Rune of Fate Template:Mists-inline
776 Warforged Seal Template:Mists-inline
777 Timeless Coin Template:Mists-inline


  1. This Example will Output every currency you have Discovered, and have at least one of, to the Main chat Frame.
local name, currentAmount, texture, earnedThisWeek, weeklyMax, totalMax, isDiscovered = nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,nil;

for i = 61,777,1 do
   name, currentAmount, texture, earnedThisWeek, weeklyMax, totalMax, isDiscovered = GetCurrencyInfo(i);
   if name ~= nil and isDiscovered and currentAmount > 0 then
      if weeklyMax > 0 then
         DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format("(%s): Current: %d Earned This Week: %d/%d",name,currentAmount,earnedThisWeek,weeklyMax))
         DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format("(%s): Current: %d",name,currentAmount))

Patch Changes[]

  • Some time after Patch 4.0.1, the returns changed from "localized_label, amount, icon_file_name = GetCurrencyInfo(id)" to "name, currentAmount, texture, weeklyMax, totalMax, isDiscovered = GetCurrencyInfo(index)"


  1. Currencies. Wowhead. Retrieved on 2012-08-09.