WoW API < GetBattlegroundInfo

Returns information about a battleground type.

local name, canEnter, isHoliday, isRandom, BattleGroundID = GetBattlegroundInfo(BGindex);

Arguments[edit | edit source]

Number: battleground type index, 1 to GetNumBattlegroundTypes().

Returns[edit | edit source]

String - Localized battleground name.
Flag - 1 if the player can queue for this battleground, nil otherwise.
Flag - 1 if this battleground is currently granting bonus honor due to a battleground holiday, nil otherwise.
Flag - 1 if this battleground is the random
Number - the ID associated with the Battleground ( 1 for Alterac Valley, 2 for Warsong Gulch, 3 for Arathi Basin, 7 for Eye of the Storm, 9 for Strand of the Ancients, 30 for Isle of Conquest, and 32 for the random)
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