Get data from the custom battlefield scoreboard columns


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

Integer - Player you want to grab the data for
Integer - Column you want to grab the data from

Details Edit

Used to retrieve data from battleground specific scoreboard columns like flag captures in Warsong Gulch. If you want to make sure you have the most recent data you will have to call RequestBattlefieldScoreData and then wait for UPDATE_BATTLEFIELD_SCORE.

Example Edit

Get how many flags captures and returns a player has inside Warsong Gulch.

for i=1, GetNumBattlefieldScores() do
	local playerName = GetBattlefieldScore(i);
	local flagCaptures = GetBattlefieldStatData(i, 1);
	local flagReturns = GetBattlefieldStatData(i, 2);

WoW API < GetBattlefieldStatData
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