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Icon-information-22x22This function is implemented by FrameXML in [DEPRECATED FrameXML/ChatFrame.lua].

ChatFrame_AddChannel(chatFrame, 'channelName')

Order a chat frame to display a previously-joined chat channel. 

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

(chatFrame, 'channelName')
Object - The chat frame to display the channel in. Some ex
String - The name of the chatchannel to activate.

Returns Edit


Example Edit

ChatFrame_AddChannel(DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME, "test");
ChatFrame_AddChannel(SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME, "ErrorInfo");
ChatFrame_AddChannel(ChatFrame1, "AnotherChannel");


DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME - Adds the channel to the default chat window.
SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME - Adds the channel in the chat window with focus ( the front window ).
ChatFrameX - Where X is an int from 1 to 10. Seems to add the channel to any chat window, where X=1 is the left-most window.

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