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Returns true if the action has a numeric range requirement.

isTrue = ActionHasRange(slotID)

Parameters[edit | edit source]


Number - The slot ID to test.


Boolean - True if the specified action has a numeric range requirement.

Example[edit | edit source]

/script if (ActionHasRange(1)) then if (IsActionInRange(1)) 
 then ChatFrame1:AddMessage("Action 1 is in range!");end;end;


"Action 1 is in range!"
The above message will be printed if the action in slot 1 has a numeric range requirement and you are within range of the target (or if there is no target; see IsActionInRange).

Details[edit | edit source]

This function returns true if the action in the specified slot ID has a numeric range requirement as shown in the action's tooltip, e.g. Fire Blast has a numeric range of 20 yards. For actions like Attack which have no numeric range requirement in their tooltip (even though they only work within a certain range), this function will return false.
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