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Icon-information-22x22This function is implemented by FrameXML in [DEPRECATED FrameXML/ActionButton.lua].


Presses the specified action button.

Parameters Edit

  • buttonID (number) - The button ID of the button to push

Returns Edit

  • nil

Description Edit

Changes buttonID's state to PUSHED.

Example Edit



  1. Checks if BonusActionBarFrame is visible.
  2. If true -
    1. Checks if BonusActionButton1 is in state NORMAL.
    2. If true -
      1. Changes BonusActionButton1's state to PUSHED.
    3. Returns.
  3. Checks if ActionButton1 is in state NORMAL.
  4. If true -
    1. Changes ActionButton1's state to PUSHED.

Notes Edit

Works with ActionBarFrame & BonusActionBarFrame.

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